An Introductory course on Coastal Meteorology aimed at those that seek to understand the characteristic nature of the coastal environment and its weather.  In order to bring about the optimal and harmonious use of this resource by the vast cross-section of users, there needs to be a sound understanding of it, and the basic meteorological and oceanographic processes that take place within it.

The course will assist the participants in understanding;

  • circulation within the coastal ocean,
  • coastal atmospheric circulation (including the marine atmospheric boundary layer), as well as 
  • ocean-atmosphere interaction processes.

It is hoped that at the end of this course, participants will have attained an enhanced knowledge & understanding of the coastal zone to support strategy and decision-making.  More specifically, participants are expected to gave gained:

  • An enhanced knowledge of meteorological processes specific to the coastal zone,
  • Improved understanding of the impact of meteorological events on the coastal zone