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This course targets a primary audience of Meteorologists who would like to become competent Aviation Meteorological Forecasters (AMF).

The course has 2 phases: A distance learning phase (4 months) and a classroom phase (1 month) where the practical competency for AMF is developed by forecasting and warning against hazardous weather phenomena using hazardous weather simulations.

This course will focus on the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Satellite and its products. This satellite provides South Africa with the best Geo-Stationary satellite imagery available. The MSG system is established under cooperation between EUMETSAT and the European Space Agency (ESA), to ensure the continuity of meteorological observations from geostationary orbit. Software and data for the course will be obtained directly from Eumetsat. 

The following concepts will be covered in the course:

•	Basics of remote Sensing
•	Introduction to all 12 Channels of the MSG satellite
•	Introduction to Channel difference and Brightness Temperature Differences (BTD)
•	Introduction to channel combinations (RGB)
•	Basic cloud type identification
•	Accessing Data
•	Introduction to data manipulation using appropriate software