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This module looks at the general and scientific definitions of temperature as used in Meteorology. We also look at different instuments used to measure temperature along with their means of operation, how the temperature varies in one day as well as its impacts on atmospheric stability.

This should be read along with chapter three of explain basic meteorological concepts training manual for the National Certificate: Weather Observations. Any other material can also be used should there be a need for more knowledge not covered here and in the training manual. RTC trainers are also accessible for more explanation if necessary.


A basic refresher module on the interpretation of wind roses for use by Meteorological Technicians.

A brief online learning module on fog and mist

A refresher training course for Meteorological Technicians on the topic of: atmospheric moisture indicators

Interpretation of Tephigrams from an observation aspect

This topic goes through the definition, formation, movement and weather impacts of a coastal low over the coast of South Africa.

Cut-Off Lows form part of the main rain bearing weather systems which bring moderate or heavy rainfall over South Africa.