Topic outline

  • Introduction/Background

    Aeronautical Meteorological Forecaster (AMF) Classroom/Online (May Blockweek)

    Introduction: (Please read carefully)

    This course targets a primary audience of Meteorologists (who comply or nearly comply with WMO BIP-M requirements) who would like to become competent AMF. It is expected that participants have basic public weather forecasting competency when attempting the practical simulations in the classroom sessions. 

    This course is the theory component that addresses the aviation competencies from a theoretical point of view..

    Consequently this course addresses the Competencies which are an industry requirement and the document below indicates how this course is aligned to these competencies . Throughout this course reference will be made to the competencies that are being addressed, either theoretically or within a simulation.

    The Theory covers the knowledge component (theory). The learning method will be a class presentations which covers the course notes. After each section the learner will be expected to complete a quiz in order to reinforce the previously covered material in order to ensure that the learner has gone through the material with understanding. Each quiz also needs to be passed. .Apart from the quizzes the learner will write a final assessment, which needs to be passed in order to take part in the practical training.

    NB: Please note that quizzes in this course need to be completed and passed with a grade >= 70% in order to have successfully completed a section. You will be allowed unlimited attempts to the quiz but your first attempt of the quiz will be graded. Consequently please ensure that you are familiar and understand the content of the material before attempting the quiz. Furthermore each quiz will also be time restricted (2 minutes per question).